Automate Your Online Life with These Top 13 IFTTT Applets (Previously Known as Recipes)

For nearly a decade, the innovative platform known as If This Then That (IFTTT) has steadily ascended the ranks of popularity, captivating users year after year. This venerable web service has evolved into an indispensable tool, enabling users to not only discover but also craft their own applets (formerly referred to as “recipes”). These applets serve as digital connectors, seamlessly amalgamating two or more services into a harmonious symphony of functionality, transcending the limitations of standalone applications.

The scope of IFTTT’s capabilities is truly remarkable, encompassing an array of services that span from popular web platforms such as Facebook and Spotify to the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). Embracing this evolution, IFTTT provides a conduit through which various devices can synergize to deliver unparalleled utility. From home automation systems integrated with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, to a spectrum of IoT devices, IFTTT weaves them together into a seamless tapestry of functionality.

A vivid illustration of IFTTT’s prowess emerges when considering the scenario of orchestrating smart home lighting. Imagine setting up an applet that orchestrates the illumination of specific lights within your home immediately upon the connection of your smartphone to the local WiFi network. With this harmonious choreography of technology, the mundane act of entering your abode is transformed into a cinematic experience — the lights gracefully dancing to the rhythm of your arrival.

In essence, IFTTT stands as a testament to the transformative potential of interconnectivity in the digital age. Its ability to deftly integrate diverse services and devices amplifies productivity and convenience, breaking down the barriers between disparate systems. As IFTTT continues to evolve and refine its offerings, the world of possibilities it presents continues to expand, empowering users to architect their digital landscape in innovative and inspiring ways.

Comparing DIY and Pre-Made IFTTT Applets

Users have the choice to opt for either the convenience of pre-designed applets curated by the vibrant IFTTT community, or to embark on a creative journey by crafting bespoke applets from the ground up.

Traditionally, IFTTT has offered its services to users without charge. However, the company’s recent move to introduce a limited freemium model has sparked discussions. This new approach is complemented by the introduction of IFTTT Pro, a subscription-based tier. Subscribers to the Pro package are required to pay a monthly fee of $3.99. In exchange for this investment, they unlock a plethora of benefits, including the freedom to craft an unlimited number of personalized applets. This elevated tier also opens doors to constructing intricate applets featuring multifaceted sequences, intricate queries, conditional logic, and access to dedicated customer support.

For those opting for the free plan, there’s still ample room for engagement. This includes activating an unlimited array of ready-made applets, each tailored to streamline various aspects of digital life. However, when it comes to devising custom applets, the free plan restricts users to a maximum of three creations.

Yet, for those hesitant to commit to the Pro subscription, there’s no need for concern. The diverse spectrum of ready-made applets remains accessible and readily available, numbering in the thousands. This ensures that regardless of the chosen path, users can continue to embrace the efficiency and automation that IFTTT offers.

Top 13 IFTTT Applets for Streamlined Online Automation

Explore the compilation below to discover a collection of top-notch IFTTT applets designed to revolutionize your digital existence across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. Whether you’re inclined towards streamlining your smart home automation or enhancing your music, social media, and visual experiences, there’s something here for everyone.

Elevate Your Spotify Playlists with Voice Commands

For those enveloped in the Spotify realm with Android devices, the “Add songs to your Spotify playlist using Google Assistant” applet is a game-changer. A mere vocal prompt such as “Hey Google, add to playlist, The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun” seamlessly transforms the once-multistep task of appending songs to your playlist into an effortlessly singular action.

Harmonize YouTube Discoveries with Spotify Playlists

Envision stumbling upon a captivating tune within a YouTube video. The “Add songs from videos you like on YouTube to a Spotify playlist” applet lets you show your appreciation by liking the video. In response, the applet diligently scouts for the song on Spotify and graciously deposits it into your chosen playlist.

Synchronize Instagram and Facebook Effortlessly

Entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike benefit from the “Automatically upload your Instagrams to a Facebook page album” applet. This ingenious creation eliminates redundant steps by seamlessly transferring your Instagram posts to a designated Facebook page, fostering an impeccable online presence.

Twitter and Instagram Converge

Introducing the bridge between platforms with the “Tweet your Instagrams as native photos” applet. Departing from mere links, this remarkable feature auto-tweets your Instagram photos directly onto your Twitter feed, rendering your visual moments instantly shareable and captivating.

Unified Profile Presence Across Social Channels

Imprint consistency across your online persona by capitalizing on the “Automatically change your Twitter profile pic when you update your Facebook photo” applet. As your Facebook profile picture metamorphoses, this applet elegantly orchestrates a symphony of change, rendering your Twitter profile picture harmoniously aligned.

Guardianship of Your Online Image

“Save new photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to Dropbox” emerges as the guardian of your digital identity. This ingenious applet vigilantly monitors your Facebook tags, expertly collecting and preserving images in your Dropbox, affording you the control to curate your online presence.

Summon Misplaced Devices with Ease

In the quest to maintain an uninterrupted digital rhythm, the “OK, Google, call my device” applet emerges as your loyal troubleshooter. No longer shall the disappearance of your devices hinder your online pursuits, as this artful creation aids in swiftly locating them.

Voice-Powered Note Taking with Evernote

Evernote enthusiasts rejoice in the “Create a note in Evernote by telling it to Google Assistant” applet. Utter “Hey Google,” followed by your designated phrase, and your note materializes in Evernote, effectively converting vocal musings into tangible digital annotations.

Receipt Organization Reinvented

“Save Receipts to Evernote” emerges as a haven for meticulous record-keepers. Whether for health expenses or workplace reimbursement, this applet deftly stores images of receipts in Evernote, supplemented by a search feature that ensures no financial remnant remains forgotten.

Stay Updated on Netflix’s New Offerings

For the perpetually curious Netflix aficionados, the “Send me an email when Netflix updates their new releases” applet becomes your personalized notifier. Bid adieu to the dilemma of content scarcity as this applet dutifully informs you of each tantalizing addition to the streaming library.

Embark on Cosmic Escapes

Infuse your daily dawn with a cosmic touch via the “Update Your Android wallpaper with NASA’s image of the day” applet. Each day, a celestial vista graces your Android wallpaper, inviting you to embark on a visual journey beyond the confines of Earth.

A Canvas of Curiosity

Should celestial wonders not captivate you, the “Automatically set your Android wallpaper to Wikipedia’s picture of the day” applet beckons. Every day, a portal to the unknown unfurls on your Android screen, inviting you to explore the realms of human knowledge.

Musical Artistry Enshrined on Your Screen

Acknowledge the artistic brilliance behind album covers with the “Set your Android wallpaper to the album cover of your most recently saved Spotify track” applet. As you save a new Spotify track, your Android wallpaper transforms into a canvas celebrating musical creativity.

Embrace the future of seamless integration and innovative automation with this selection of IFTTT applets, tailored to redefine the contours of your digital landscape across a spectrum of platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are IFTTT applets, and how do they work?

IFTTT applets (formerly known as recipes) are automated tasks that connect various online platforms and services. They function based on a trigger and an action, allowing one service to initiate an action on another service automatically.

How do I set up these IFTTT applets?

To set up IFTTT applets, you need to create an IFTTT account, connect the desired services (like Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), choose the trigger (e.g., a new Instagram post) and specify the action (e.g., saving the post to Dropbox). The applet will execute when the trigger condition is met.

Are these IFTTT applets compatible with all platforms?

The compatibility of applets depends on the services and platforms involved. Most popular social media platforms, productivity tools, and smart devices are supported, but it’s important to check IFTTT’s compatibility list for specific details.

Can I customize these applets according to my preferences?

Yes, many applets are customizable. You can often personalize trigger conditions, actions, and even specific parameters to suit your needs. This allows you to tailor the applets to your preferences and usage patterns.

Do I need any coding skills to use these applets?

No, you don’t need coding skills to use IFTTT applets. They are designed to be user-friendly and require no programming knowledge. The setup process primarily involves selecting options through user interfaces.

Can I create my own applets from scratch?

Yes, IFTTT provides the option to create custom applets with your desired triggers and actions. This empowers you to devise unique automation solutions that match your specific requirements.

Can I use these applets on mobile devices?

Absolutely! IFTTT offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, making it convenient to manage and utilize these applets directly from your mobile devices.

How reliable are these applets?

The reliability of applets depends on the stability of the connected services and platforms. While IFTTT strives to maintain seamless connectivity, occasional hiccups may occur due to changes or limitations in the services themselves.

Can I deactivate or modify applets after setting them up?

Yes, you can easily manage your applets. You can deactivate, modify, or delete applets through the IFTTT dashboard or mobile app whenever you wish.

Are there any privacy and security concerns with using these applets?

IFTTT takes privacy and security seriously. The platform adheres to industry-standard security measures, and your data is only shared between connected services based on your configured applet actions. However, it’s wise to review the privacy policies of the connected services before setting up applets involving sensitive data.


In a digital landscape bustling with platforms and services, the quest for efficiency and convenience has given rise to the ingenious world of IFTTT applets. Through this journey, we’ve unveiled the dynamic synergy between various online realms, allowing for a seamless orchestration of tasks and actions that shape our virtual existence. These 13 meticulously curated applets transcend mere automation; they encapsulate the essence of streamlined living in a technology-driven era.

From harmonizing your Spotify playlists with a mere voice command to preserving your online image by collecting tagged photos on Facebook, these applets have demonstrated the power of connectivity. They’ve exemplified how Instagram effortlessly converses with Facebook and Twitter, while also transporting us to the cosmos through daily wallpapers from NASA. Every facet of your digital life is addressed, from note-taking convenience with Evernote to financial organization via receipt management.

As you navigate the ever-evolving digital sphere, these applets become your steadfast companions, chiseling out a pathway paved with innovation and convenience. The beauty lies not only in their functional prowess but in their potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. IFTTT applets usher us into a future where automation enriches our lives, allowing us to focus on what truly matters. Embrace these digital allies, and let the symphony of automation elevate your online journey.

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