14 Recommended Google Chrome Themes for You to Experiment With

The Google Chrome browser stands as the reigning champion of web browsers across the globe, commanding a vast user base. However, while its functionality is unparalleled, it’s fair to say that its palette of personalization options has room for expansion.

Fortunately, for those who possess a reservoir of creativity that knows no bounds, Google has paved the way for an effortless avenue to infuse your browsing experience with a dash of uniqueness. Enter the realm of Google Chrome themes – an array of artistic expressions that can effortlessly transform the mundane expanse of a new tab into a canvas that resonates with your individual taste and style. While the perception of beauty is inherently subjective, these Chrome extensions dedicated to aesthetics have garnered popularity for their ability to captivate the eye, sometimes even achieving the remarkable feat of being both immensely appealing and profoundly stylish.

These transformative themes don’t merely adorn your new tab; they orchestrate a symphony of change that reverberates throughout your browsing environment. Think of them as a conductor, changing the background of your homepage, orchestrating harmonious shifts in the color scheme across your browser’s expanse, elegantly draping hues along the address bar, menus, bookmark bar, and other visual aspects that constitute Chrome’s interface. It’s a transformation that extends beyond mere visuals; it’s a shift in the ambiance of your digital realm.

Intrigued? The journey to personalized browsing aesthetics is but a click away. We’ve meticulously curated a collection of these themes, each equipped with a direct link to the Chrome Web Store. This means that, without delay, you can embark on an exploration of these visual narratives, allowing you to seamlessly transition between them, all in the pursuit of finding that one thematic embodiment that harmonizes perfectly with your individuality. The power to curate your browsing voyage lies at your fingertips; the only question that remains is which visual saga will accompany you on this digital expedition.

Midnight Train Dark Blue: A Gritty Urban Journey

Crafted by the creative mind of Oleg Filonenko, the Midnight Train Dark Blue theme beckons users into a world of captivating urban mystique. This exquisite theme draws its inspiration from a photograph capturing the enigmatic splendor of diverging train tracks juxtaposed against the distant cityscape.

With a resolution that boasts high-definition brilliance up to 2560×1440, this theme unfurls its mesmerizing charm across your display canvas. Whether you’re a fervent admirer of trains or find solace in the cold, gritty allure of urban landscapes, the Midnight Train Dark Blue theme is tailor-made for you, offering an opportunity to infuse your browsing experience with an atmospheric and evocative aesthetic.

Material Incognito Dark Theme: Concealing Chrome in Style

Cultivated by the ingenious Fiddle N, the Material Incognito Dark Theme has achieved unexpected popularity, captivating the preferences of a staggering half a million users. This theme possesses a singular, intriguing purpose: to seamlessly transform the standard Chrome interface into an elegant mimicry of the famed Incognito Mode.

The enigma surrounding its immense popularity remains elusive—why would so many individuals yearn to cloak their Chrome encounter in the veil of incognito anonymity? The answer, perhaps, resides within the domain of personal intrigue and the allure of the unknown. This phenomenon sparks curiosity—why opt for an incognito façade over the embracing embrace of dark mode? Alas, these are mysteries that continue to intrigue, and while the motive remains veiled, the theme’s allure endures. Just remember, amid the allure, to exercise caution and not inadvertently forsake genuine Incognito Mode.

Nordic Forest: A Glimpse of Untamed Serenity

Within the expansive tapestry of Earth’s natural wonders lies a realm seldom traversed by most. Dmitry Mev, however, sought to grant a digital glimpse of this realm through his creation—the Nordic Forest theme. This artistic masterpiece captures a bird’s-eye view of a Nordic woodland, where verdant shades of green unfold beneath the tender caress of illuminating light.

The enchantment of this theme lies not only in its vibrant palette but also in the delicate interplay of light and shadow, endowing the image with a dimensionality that evokes a sense of transcendence. Dmitry’s thoughtful choice of a cohesive tab color further solidifies the theme’s harmonious ambiance, inviting users to embrace the serenity of a forest untouched by human footprints.

Lone Tree: A Celestial Arboreal Symphony

Bridging the realms of photography and digital art, the captivating Lone Tree theme beckons users into a celestial dreamscape—a captivating synthesis of a resplendent starscape and an enigmatic solitary tree. This visual symphony dances between the realms of light and darkness, conjuring a magical tableau that lingers even when the computer screen dims.

A minor caveat accompanies this visual spectacle, as the forward and backward arrows retreat into the shadows, momentarily eluding the viewer’s sight. Yet, such a minor inconvenience pales in comparison to the enchantment this theme unfurls, a sacrifice that only serves to preserve the immaculate vista it paints.

Iron Man-Material Design: A Stylish Tribute to a Marvel Icon

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s meteoric rise to prominence finds its genesis in the iconic Iron Man. Transcending the silver screen, Robert Downey Jr. breathed life into the indomitable Tony Stark, whose journey from near-death to armored heroism resonated with audiences worldwide. In homage to this cultural titan, the Iron Man-Material Design theme emerges as a testament to both film and comic book legacies.

Eschewing mere stills from the franchise, this theme marries elegance with effort, depicting Iron Man’s silhouette soaring above a cityscape—a subtle yet profound nod to the character’s multifaceted legacy. Over 100,000 devotees of Iron Man have recognized and embraced the theme’s intrinsic charms, rendering it a digital sanctuary for aficionados of the arc reactor-clad Avenger.

Sahara: Celestial Splendor Amid Desert Solitude

Crafted by the deft hand of Peter Noordijk, the Sahara theme unveils a celestial tapestry above the desert expanse. A masterstroke of astrophotography, this awe-inspiring composition weaves together the Milky Way’s ethereal splendor from an assemblage of distinct photographs. Beneath the ink-black canvas of the Sahara’s night sky, light pollution recedes, unveiling a celestial panorama seldom witnessed from terrestrial vantage points.

This theme, a testament to the cosmos’ grandeur, presents an opportunity for armchair astronomers and stargazing enthusiasts alike to revel in the elusive beauty of the Milky Way. A serendipitous window into an astral symphony, this theme invites users to explore the uncharted realms of space without leaving the comfort of their browsers.

Beauty Landscape Theme: Painting Reality with Colorful Reverie

When reality’s palette veers toward the somber, the Beauty Landscape Theme emerges as a vivid, chromatic reverie. Amidst a world often garbed in muted hues, this theme dares to embrace a spectrum of greens, blues, and reds—a symphony of color rarely glimpsed in the mundane tapestry of existence.

Captured within its vibrant canvas lies a vista seldom witnessed in the corporeal world. Beauty transcends mere aesthetics, manifesting as an oasis of purity and vibrancy within the grayscale confines of reality. In its embrace, users find a respite, an immersion in chromatic splendor that rekindles the joy of a vibrant existence.

Raindrops (Non-Aero): Timeless Elegance Amid Digital Downpours

Bearing the nostalgic moniker of the archaic Windows Aero theme, Raindrops (Non-Aero) remains a cherished relic within the annals of Chrome theming history. Time, it seems, has been kind to this enduring classic, preserving its visual allure and endearing it to users spanning the globe.

Despite the passage of time, Raindrops exudes an enduring charm that resonates with contemporary users. The interplay of rain-drenched glass captures an ethereal allure, an aesthetic that has eluded many imitators. While tailored for displays of a bygone era, this theme casts a spell of timeless elegance, an invitation to revel in the artistry of simplicity amidst the modern digital landscape.

Blue/Green Cubes:

While photos undoubtedly rank among the most popular theme choices, there are individuals who seek a more focused and serene environment for their work. In such instances, the blank expanse of a standard browser window isn’t the sole alternative at your disposal.

The Blue/Green Cubes theme presents a captivating array of shaded cubes, exhibiting a nuanced interplay of hues and gradients across their facets. At first glance, its simplicity might deceive, but a closer inspection reveals the meticulous craftsmanship that underpins this design. Its hues, provided they align with your preferences, render it an exquisite choice for enthusiasts of minimalistic aesthetics.

Night Time in New York City:

New York City stands as an iconic global metropolis, immortalized through a multitude of mediums such as films, literature, interactive media, and melodies. While it might not consistently epitomize a peaceful abode (as rumors suggest), its historical significance and breathtaking vistas remain undeniable.

“Night Time in New York City” impeccably captures the essence of the city during its nocturnal hours. The structures are bathed in a stark, illuminating white, harmonizing with tungsten lights, thereby crafting a sleek portrayal of a locale that typically embodies an edgy authenticity. This theme, however, seeks to unveil the romanticized facet of this real urban expanse, and in this endeavor, it triumphs with resounding success.

Flying Paint Wallpapers HD New Tab Theme:

For many, maintaining the same theme for extended periods is a satisfactory practice. Conversely, if you’re inclined towards the allure of novelty and enjoy frequent visual transformations, the “Flying Paint” theme might be an optimal fit.

This theme boasts a curated collection of vibrant wallpapers that dynamically grace your new tab openings. With each launch, a fresh image ushers you into the browsing experience. Diverse in their color palettes, these wallpapers share an innate vibrancy, unifying them in their exceptional chromatic richness.

Earth in Space:

Within the expansive Chrome Web Store, space-themed offerings often appear as numerous as the stars that dot the firmament. Nonetheless, the majority of these themes tend to blend together in a constellation of similarity.

“Earth in Space” breaks free from the gravitational pull of its less impressive counterparts by shifting its focus towards the very pale blue sphere we call home. By juxtaposing Earth against the cosmic canvas of the starry abyss, this theme fosters a sense of profound interconnectedness and minimalist significance.

Dark Theme V3:

Occasionally, even a conventional dark theme might fail to satiate certain individuals’ yearnings for profound obscurity. In such instances, the “Dark Theme V3” excels in perfecting the art of achieving the darkest of darks. This iteration marks the theme’s third incarnation, solely dedicated to embracing the realm of absolute blackness. Whether your preference leans towards nocturnal browsing or the tactile sensation of a matte black surface, “Dark Theme V3” beckons for your exploration.


Our final highlighted theme resonates deeply with those who’ve embraced or aspired to possess a Rose Gold MacBook. This theme imbues Chrome with a color palette reminiscent of the sophisticated hue associated with Apple’s distinct aesthetic. Often elusive for those seeking a unique visual experience, this theme is a testament to the allure of the acquired taste, adding a touch of refined differentiation to your browsing encounters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Chrome themes, and why should I use them?

Google Chrome themes are visual templates that alter the appearance of your browser’s user interface. They can personalize your browsing experience, making it more engaging and reflective of your style.

How do I apply a new theme to Google Chrome?

Applying a new theme is simple. Open a new tab, click on the “Customize” button at the bottom right corner, and then select “Themes.” Choose your desired theme from the gallery and click on it to apply it instantly.

Can I revert to the default Chrome theme if I don’t like the new ones? 

Yes, you can easily switch back to the default Chrome theme. Go to the Themes section and click on “Reset to default” to revert to the original look.

Are these Chrome themes compatible with all versions of the browser? 

Generally, most themes are compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome. However, it’s advisable to ensure your browser is up to date for the best experience.

Can I customize these themes further to suit my preferences?

 While you can’t extensively customize pre-made themes, you can adjust minor details like color accents and tab shapes in some cases.

Are these themes available for mobile versions of Google Chrome? 

Most of these themes are designed for the desktop version of Google Chrome and might not be compatible with the mobile app.

Will using these themes affect my browser’s performance or speed?

No, using themes should not significantly impact your browser’s performance or speed, as they primarily involve visual changes.

Can I suggest a theme to be included in the list of the 14 best themes? 

Of course! If you come across a noteworthy theme that’s not on the list, you can share it with the Chrome community or try reaching out to the theme’s creator.

Do these themes change only the appearance of the browser, or do they affect websites as well? 

These themes mainly alter the browser’s interface and tab design. They typically don’t influence the appearance of websites you visit.

How often should I change my Chrome theme?

The frequency of changing themes depends on your personal preferences. Some people enjoy switching themes regularly to keep things fresh, while others prefer sticking to a single theme for an extended period. Experiment and find what suits you best!


Google Chrome themes offer a fantastic opportunity to customize and enhance your browsing experience. These visual templates can transform the look and feel of your browser’s interface, allowing you to express your individuality and style. From minimalist designs to vibrant and artistic creations, the 14 best Google Chrome themes mentioned here provide a diverse range of options to choose from.

Whether you’re drawn to the sleek elegance of the Blue/Green Cubes theme, captivated by the romantic portrayal of New York City at night, or intrigued by the dynamic Flying Paint wallpapers, these themes have something for everyone. The Earth in Space theme stands out by highlighting our planet’s beauty against the backdrop of the cosmos, while the Dark Theme V3 caters to those who seek the ultimate dark mode experience.

Remember, applying a new theme is a straightforward process, and you can always revert to the default Chrome theme if needed. While these themes primarily affect your browser’s appearance, they won’t significantly impact performance or speed.

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