Insta Boss : 6 Free Steps To Promote Your Instagram Account Organically

Here are some things you should know about promoting your Instagram profile: With more than 1.3 billion monthly users, Instagram is the most popular social networking service. Instagram is a powerful way to communicate with potential clients and keep in contact with them.
Insta-folks are averaging 29 minutes on the app each day. Given the promise of reaching a wide audience on the site, this begs the question of how you can best use the site for profit. Just posting when you feel like it and not thinking about anything is never a good strategy. Instead, developing a smart plan and implementing it carefully will give you a chance to market your Instagram account.

Is It Free To Promote Freely On Instagram?

In fact, many people think that Instagram is expensive. Yes, influencer marketing and paid promotion on Instagram can be costly. The good news is that Instagram allows you to promote your business for free, so this essay is not about Instagram sponsored marketing.

Things To Consider

Before we discuss free ways to advertise your business on Instagram, let’s discuss some fundamentals.

Keep Your Instagram Account Set To “Business Account” Only.

Don’t rely on your personal profile for your business. You should instead create a professional business account. With access to sponsored Instagram ads and posts, you can use this to boost your social visibility and engage your audience.

Finish Up Your Profile.

Make sure your Instagram profile is complete by including information about your business, taking a professional profile photo, and writing a bio that describes your business as a brand.
-How to Promote Your Instagram (for Free)

Create Useful Posts

The first and most important thing you should do is promote your Instagram account through your own posts. You’ll have to set yourself apart first if you want people to pay attention to your company, most people direct traffic to their website using their bio link. One option is that if you post all of the necessary information on Instagram, users won’t have to click through to your website and would be more likely to be happy. Make sure you are aware of Instagram’s algorithm. The picture you post is not visible to all of your followers. Only 10% or less of your followers will see it, and Instagram will watch to see if there is any engagement with your post. Your content’s popularity may also depend on how the first 10% respond to it. To increase engagement, ensure your posts are engaging and thought-provoking.

Engage Through Stories Stickers

We’ll never know how many people use Instagram Stories every day because 500 million have been tallied so far, and that number is only going to grow. Stickers for Instagram stories are an effective way of engaging your followers and obtaining their opinions about your content. This way, you will garner an ongoing following of die-hard, brand-devoted fans.

Create Save-Able Content For Your Feed

A smart way to increase engagement on Instagram is by creating content that encourages your followers to tap and save. Whenever you share some advice or followers that will benefit them in some way in the future, you can anticipate that your followers will save your content. You must create content that matters to your audience. All types of infographics, motivational sayings, and humorous memes are welcome.

Use Hashtags

The use of hashtags is essential if you want to increase your Instagram following for free. Using relevant hashtags will allow your posts and stories to reach your target audience. it is permitted to use 30 hashtags in each of your posts, but you must choose the ones that are appropriate for your post. You will get a higher engagement rate if you use the right hashtags.

Use Instagram Stories

There’s a lot to like about Instagram Stories. Although we’ve already discussed using stickers, there’s more you can do. You can change the narrative every 24 hours, making it the ideal place to show your followers real, transparent content that will help you humanize your company. The most engagement is generated with Instagram stories, so you shouldn’t miss the chance to use it for free to promote your account.


Instagram’s IGTV functions similarly to YouTube. Users can access multiple channels of their preferred topics and content. Based on the popularity of YouTube, you should realize that video content is the most effective way to reach and engage your audience. With IGTV, you may attract more video-inclined followers to your account. As soon as you upload your first video to IGTV, Instagram creates your brand’s individual channel. You can upload your post-existing videos to IGTV as well, which is an excellent way to present your brand.


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